Once you are charged with DUI, some counties will sell the list of new DUI defendants to attorneys who request it. These attorneys often send postcards or letters offering services for a seemingly reasonable fee. While we cannot comment on the quality of these attorneys, beware of those who nearly always plead their cases out. They may not be doing you a real service. For a limited fee, they may simply show up once to plea you out, and frankly, you could probably manage that on your own.

A quality attorney will likely cost more. But he or she will review your case for possible defenses, prepare you for any court-required alcohol evaluation and if possible, try to get your driver’s license suspension overturned. Even if a plea bargain is still the way to go, an attorney who works hard for his or her client may negotiate a better plea bargain than one who never tries a case. But be aware that no reputable attorney can ever guarantee a particular outcome for your case.

When selecting an attorney, ask them how they like to handle cases. How well do they know the courthouse and the judges or prosecutors involved? How often do they take cases to trial? Do they provide a lot of good information when you question them? Are they asking you the right questions? It is important that you feel confidence in any attorney you choose.

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